About Us

Henan Xiaguo Bio Co.,Ltd is a foreign trading company, specializing in developing and producing a variety of chemicals. We have our own factory, which procures itself a competitive edge in the market. Through years of efforts, it has earned a fabulous reputation all over the world. Also, we’ve won many clients’ support and trust because we always strive to produce high-quality merchandise with favorable price. 

Diversified product range

 specializes in the chemical industry, offering a diverse range of products. This means that we can access a wide selection of chemicals from you, catering to the different needs of our customers.

Excellent reputation

Through years of effort, our company has earned a fabulous reputation worldwide. This indicates that our products have a strong reputation for quality and reliability, giving us confidence that you can provide high-quality products.

Own factory

Having our own factory gives you a competitive edge in the market. This allows we to have better control over the production process and product quality, as well as the flexibility to meet the specific requirements of customers.

Favorable pricing

strives to produce high-quality merchandise at favorable prices. This is particularly attractive to us and our customers, as we can reasonably expect competitive pricing for your products in the market.