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Molecular Formula:C129H215N33O55
Molecular Weight:3108.3142

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    Product Name:Thymalfasin

    Molecular Formula:C129H215N33O55


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    • Molecular Formula:C129H215N33O55
    • Molecular Weight:3108.3142
    • PSA:1456.35000 
    • LogP:-3.64450 

    Thymalfasin (Cas 69440-99-9) Usage

    Thymalfasin, also known as thymosin-alpha 1, is an immunomodulating agent with the ability to enhance the Th1 immune response. It can modulate the immune system to enhance the Th1 immune response. Thymalfasin has been evaluated for its therapeutic potential in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B and C. By enhancing the Th1 immune response, it may help the body combat these viral infections more effectively. It has been considered for the treatment of primary immunodeficiency diseases, which are characterized by a weakened or dysfunctional immune system. Thymalfasin has also been studied for its potential role in cancer treatment. By strengthening the immune response, it may assist the immune system in recognizing and targeting cancer cells.

    69440-99-9 Relevant articles

    Thymalfasin: an immune system enhancer for the treatment of liver disease


    , Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Volume19, IssueS6 December 2004 Pages S69-S72

    Thymalfasin has been shown to have efficacy in multiple experimental models of immune dysfunction, mainly, infectious diseases such as hepatitis (woodchuck) and influenza (mouse), and cancer such as melanoma (mouse) and colorectal carcinoma (rat) where thymalfasin has shown antitumor effects.

    Clinical response of patients with advanced breast cancer treated with dendritic cell vaccine with and without thymalfasin

    G. A. Moviglia , C. Gaeta , V. Gabriela , P. Farina , H. Costanzo , A. Paes de LimaS. Merino , R. Moya , M. J. Veloso , A. Rudolph

    , Journal of Clinical Oncology , Volume 23, Issue 16

    At 6 months, tumor reduction of >50% was seen in 100% of patients in Group 1 (responders), 50% in Group 2 (nonresponders), and 80% in Group 3 (nonresponders treated with thymalfasin).


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